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ach Spring and Fall we take 12 women to discover the hidden gems of Tuscany. This year we’ll stay in a charming pink villa tucked away in a quaint and quiet village.

ur days will be spent exploring

the hilltop towns of Tuscany,

enjoying authentic food

and off-the-beaten path experiences.

fternoons & Evenings will be for delighting in sunsets, gelato, music, game nights and great conversation!

ring your sister, your mom, or some girlfriends

Let ITaly rejuvenate your soul

and restore your purpose and passion!

ome home a happier momma, sister, wife, auntie, girlfriend, lover, grandma, teacher, friend, daughter…

a happier girl!


You NEED this. And we will make it so Easy!

Come with Us!

Trip Descriptions

3 Trip OPtions:

Tuscan Holiday 8 Day Trip

Includes Boutique Spa Hotel

This trip is 5 days of fun excursions leaving each morning and returning to our Villa each night for visitng and relaxing in the Villa. This trip also includes Two Nights at a quaint hotel located in a small village in the heart of Tuscany. You'll be able to relax and rejuvenating in the thermal healing waters perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the rolling Tuscan hillside. This option includes a One-hour Facial or Italian Massage. The last night may be spent in Florence.

Taste of Tuscany 7 Day Trip

This trip allows you to settle in at the villa. We will visit all the same villages, but include more time at the villa for downtime, swimming, tennis, games, and enjoying the estate and local town. One night may be spent in Florence.

Tuscan Retreat 7 Day Trip

with Life Coach

Included: Optional Group and Private

Life Coaching from Certified Life Coach

Like Taste of Tuscany, this trip allows you to settle in at the villa. We will visit all the villages, but include more time at the villa for downtime, swimming, tennis. This trip will be special because it willl carve out some time for life coaching.

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We searched long and hard to find just the right Villa to house our retreat. Villa Di Cara is a Beautifully Restored 1850’s Tuscan Villa with pool, tennis court, and heart-melting views nestled in a small village. We can't wait to introduce you to our friends in this picturesqe hill-top town. When we are not at the Villa we will either be staying one night in Florence or two nights at the Spa Hotel depending on which trip you choose.

Breakfast & Dinner everyday

Prepare for a delightful breakfast each morning, some at the villa, some at local cafe's, and then always an abundant mouth-watering lunch or dinner at some of our favorite finds!



We have sorted through Tuscany's best kept secrets as well as a few of it's "don't miss" favorites to come up with an idyllic itinerary. We will provide excursions to charming hilltop villages including: Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Lari, Pisa, and a day in beautiful art-filled Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance! Weather permitting, we plan to bike on a renaissance wall and take a boat ride on the blue Liguarian Sea! We've arranged for a water-color class taught by a local artist, and for the cherry on top, we will travel to the coast and see the amazing cliff side villages of Cinque Terre, on the Italian Riviera. Belissimo!

Not Included:


Fall 2023

Sept 20-27

Tuscan Holiday with Spa


Fall 2023

Sept 28 - Oct 4

Tuscan Retreat

Bonus: Optional Life Coaching


April 24 - April 30


Taste of Tuscany



May 1 - May 7

Classic Tuscan Holiday

Including Boutique Spa Excursion

PLUS Bonus....

Transfer and 2 Nights in Rome!


6 Spots

4 Spots


Sept 19 - Sept 26



Sept 27 - Oct 3

Tuscan Holiday

Including Boutique Spa Excursion



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Taste of Tuscany

Note: Dates are tentative and prices are subject to change.




Currently Full

4 Spots

Click HERE if you’d like to be added to the waiting list if spots open up on any of the trips.

Deposit & Upgrades

NOTE: Prices reflect Double Occupancy

Single Occupancy (Private Room) is available on a first-come basis and is an additional $1000-$1500

Contact Maria Directly for availabilty

Click HERE to join our email list for updates on trips including dates, pricing, and waitlists.

Deposit is $500 and is

Transferrable but not Refundable

Balance for Spring Trip due March 1

Balance for Fall Trip due August 1

Enjoy local wine at reception,

painting class and at meals


Wine Package

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Want some Extra Space?

Upgrade to a Princess suite with attached bathroom

and extra Twin Bed if separate beds are preferred.

$300 Per Room

Want your Own Space?

Upgrade to a Private Room and enjoy the comfort of your own bed and bathroom.

Only $1000-$1500 for Your Own Room

Need a couple more Days?

2-4 DayTrip extensions to Venice, Florence, or Rome

are highly recommended.


Includes Breakfasts, Transfers, Hotels, and our

authentic out of the way experiences!

What About My Man?


After your week with the girls, extend your Italy trip one more week and

have your husband fly into Florence, rent a Fiat, and come pick you up at the Villa. When you come on our Girl’s trip, we offer to plan a romantic 2nd week for you and your guy in Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, or Venice! A $250 value!

Or stay in Tuscany and show him around! One week in Tuscany is never enough, and he will be so impressed with how

"Italian" you've become!

This could be you!

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The Pink Villa

Giuseppe will be our host at his personal summer home. This Villa found us, and we love it's feminine charm. It is kept impeccably clean, and authentically Italian. You will feel like your are staying with Your Italian Nonna (grandmother).

Main House

The villa features a charming private adjoining cottage which will sleep 4 of our guests and is available upon request. Swimming pool, and dressing rooms are just steps outside the front door.

Adjoining Cottage

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Suites and Bedrooms

Standard Rooms

Rooms featuring 1 Queen or 2 single beds

Private bathroom

double occupancy

Mama Mia Suite

Suite with 1 Queen Bed 2 twins Private Bath

quad occupancy

Sophia Suites

Suites with Queen Bed and Sofa Bed with Private Bath

double occupancy

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ฺBeautiful red flowers.


The Views

We have chosen a villa, drives, and specific towns that offer amazing views. Our goal is to help you focus your view...and clarify your perspective so that you go home with not only a beautiful picture of Italy, but a clear view of your beautiful life

The Food

As self-described foodies, we take eating very seriously and have chosen restaurants that feature one, if not all, of the following:

Best views

Favorite of the Locals

Specializing in Traditional Regional Dishes

The Time

We strongly believe in the power of Time.

Time to ask the questions, and listen for the answers

Time to remember your passion and purpose.

Time to create a life you love!

Our Philosophy

After living in Italy, learning the language, returning many times,

and especially growing up with

Grandpa Papaleo, we‘ve learned that one of the things Italians do well is

Savor the Moment.

Whether in work or play, crisis or calm, Italian women


Spending time in Italy inspired us to seek the sacred in the ordinary,

cherish our relationships,

and delight in the simple pleasures and beauties of life,

recognizing that life is what you make it.

Come to Italy with me

and my sisters and let's

no matter what life gives us!

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Meet your Hosts

We are American Italian Sisters that live in beautiful northern Utah. We love the mountains, the lakes and the trails. Between us, we have 4 pup dogs (3 good, 1 naughty) We have 11 babies ranging from age 25 to 7

(5 good, 6 naughty)

And we each have our very own handsome-devil of a sharing! (not that kind of sisters)

And, like you, we've stayed home, we've gone to work, we've perfected the side hustle including: selling real-estate, planned over 1000 weddings, been PTA moms, taught public school, driven 10,000 carpools, taught Sunday school, decorated model homes, dried 100,000 tears, altered prom dresses, cried a little, and laughed a lot! We have a testimony of aprons and currently design and sell aprons with our amazing Mom (click Here to see the fun designs) ...And we've just been patiently waiting for the right time to share our


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would you love to grab your girlfriend and share a bedroom in a beautifully restored 250 year old Villa with like-minded women.?

would you delight in walking 4-5 miles a day on cobblestone streets through quaint Tuscan Villages sampling gelato, window-shopping, and people watching, enjoying a “less-touristy” Italian experience.?

do you treasure: simplicity, beauty, gratitude, authenticity, faith and dipping your feet in the pool.?

do you value Purpose over Perfection.?

do you have a hearty appetite for gelato.? (there’s a gittle spot in Tuscany that has been awarded "The Best Gelato in the World".)

check all that apply

Is this trip for you?

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Gelato in San Gimingano

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Make it sweet tuscan retreat

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Sweet Tuscan Retreat

Maria and Gina planned and executed an over-the-top trip to Italy. The very special accommodations, dinners, and activities all gave us a true taste of authentic Italy! Gina brought her savvy language skills and knowledge of the culture. She communicated and coordinated with the locals, while Maria put the charm cherry on top of with all the sweet details! This was a trip of a lifetime. Im so glad I decided to go!


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A once in a